School Training Farms

He who praises the rain has been rained on.

(Kenyan proverb)

We teach villagers in Kenya to farm                                          Our achievements 

   We teach ecological farming in western Kenya. By building training farms in schools, we give children and their parents the opportunity to learn hands-on how to grow their own food.

   Knowing how to grow key crops is important, especially nowadays when one cannot depend on imported food. People in western Kenya have traditionally lived off of fishing and grassland farming. That is why they do not know how to grow crops. Families often own a piece of land. The price of food is spiraling out of control, which is why people are becoming more interested in growing their own fruits and vegetables.

   Under the guidance of their teachers, children learn to grow fruits, vegetables, pulses and spices. Part of the produce is used by the school kitchen and the rest is brought home or sold by the children. Our goal is to make these training farms self-sufficient. This usually takes about 2 years. We also motivate the children to use their new skills at home, where they can start their own gardens. All the moms are very appreciative of that!

   Our objective is to raise a number of future eco-farmers, who will go on to successfully secure a living for their families and enrich the local market with local, good quality produce. We give them the knowledge they need in order to specialize and work together, rather than compete against each other.

   We will build our very own model training farm, so that we can give more schools and communities a comprehensive package of services. The farm will work independently of the schools. We are currently looking for sources of finance, so that the farm can come into being. You can help us by sending your donation to our account: IBAN:  CZ52 2700 0000 0021 0733 3074. Thank you.    

In 2017, we built a training farm at Ndere elementary school.

In 2018, we built a training farm at Barchando elementary school.

In 2019 we built a training farm at Lolwe elementary school.

We built 3 school training farms

We grow fruits, vegetables, grain…

More than 250 students care for the farms

We organized 8 specialist workshops

32 children started their own gardens at home

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