Working Together

Those who leave truth in their wake,                          come back to truth..

(Kenyan proverb)

There are many ways you can work with us.

We can do great things together.

Become a volunteer 

We could always use more heads and pairs of hands. Do you like to garden, cook or take pictures? Are you good at organizing, communicating or selling? Are you happiest among people or are you a deep-thinking analyst? Can you cut videos or speak good English? Give us a couple hours of your time. You will be rewarded with the sense of joy that comes from worthwhile cooperation.

Talk to your employees or clients

What we do and what you do might have nothing in common. And yet, together, we can come up with a program that will help engage and motivate your employees, clients, customers…and give them all the more reason to keep treading the path with you.

Invite us

You can invite us to give a talk at one of your school or club events. We have a program that gives an inside look on Africa and our work. Maybe it will open a door towards a future collaboration.

We will be more than happy to take part in your Christmas fair or local market. We offer handmade Kenyan gift items, each of which comes with a special story of its own.

Maybe you have dreams or plans concerning Africa. Go ahead and share them with us.