It takes more than one stone to hold a pot.

(Kenyan proverb)

There are all sorts of ways to work together                          What the Students Wrote

   Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with volunteers, schools, businesses and the town of Litomerice on a wide range of beneficial activities and projects. Your skills and abilities can help us immensely, while you benefit by getting new experiences, friendships and maybe even a new outlook on the world.

   There are a vast number of activities that volunteers can join in doing. We work with schools in a way that is both engaging and useful for students. We also have interesting programs for businesses, which capture the attention of clients and motivate employees.

   If you would like to join us and contribute to development work in Kenya, let us know. We are interested in your ideas. You may have skills or opportunities that we do not. In turn, we can show you what life really looks like in Africa.


On April 4th, the U Stadionu elementary school hosted a seminar on living positive. Mrs. Rokuskova from ShineBean had an intriguing presentation in store for us. Firstly, she explained what living positive is all about. This led to a discussion between all of the students in the room. We read authentic and enlightening stories about people who live with AIDS. We watched a presentation on the whole issue. I would recommend it to everyone because HIV positive people live everywhere, not only in Africa.

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