Open School

                           What has passed is no longer a disease.                                              The future needs to be healed.

                                                                (Kenyan proverb)

Accessible Education for Village Kids                                      Our Accomplishments:

   The Open School project aims to make education more accessible to village kids in Kenya.

Goat to School – One-off Support for Children

  Thanks to our colleagues in Kenya who are actively involved in a number of villages and communities, we know that there are children who have lost one or both parents and find it very difficult to pay for their education. Thanks to one-off donations, we are able to buy school uniforms and goats for the children. School uniforms are compulsory for Kenyan children, while income from the sale of goats helps to pay for school tuition.

   Children who are part of our program are mentored by our colleagues in Kenya and, if needed, they receive assistance with other issues and problems as well.

   So far, we have been able to help 78 children.

Regular Sponsorship

   Another opportunity that comes with the Open School project is regular sponsorship for a specific child, with the donations used for school-related and other expenses, as agreed by the sponsors. Multiple sponsors can join forces to support one child. Three times a year, the sponsors receive updates with photographs, personal information, and school results. 

   Children who need support are selected by local teachers who are familiar with the children’s backgrounds and specific circumstance. Their families receive regular visits from our coordinators. They provide further assistance, such as facilitating access to healthcare, cooperation with their school, etc.

   Currently, we support 15 children.

Supporting Local Schools

   Thanks to our long-term collaboration with schools in Kenya, we also help by donating various kinds of equipment and school materials. A large part of that support comes from Czech schools that got involved in our previous projects Africa’s Prospects and Shirika, as well as from individual donors.

    Czech donations are used to buy textbooks, art and sports supplies, and other materials. In addition, we have also assisted in providing technical equipment as well. So far, we have completed the following projects in Kenya:

●       concrete floor installation in classrooms in the Nyalunya and BJB   Kibera schools

●       books and furniture for the Kawili, Nyalunya, and Barchando schools

●       8 metal doors in classrooms in Ndere school

●       toilet facilities for the Nyalunya and BJB Kibera schools

●       water tanks for the Kawili and Barchando school

●       electricity installed in classroom in Kawili school

●       solar panels installed in Wambasa school

●       internet connection installed in Ndere school

Long-term ongoing support for 15 children

Completed support for 16 children

One-off support for 7 students

Goat given to 78 children

Furnished 8 schools

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