About Us

A good name shines in the dark.

(Kenyan proverb)

Who We Are                                                                                     Our Economic Activities

   ShineBean o.p.s. is a Czech non-profit organization active in international humanitarian and development aid, global development education and awareness. Our projects are organized in Kenya and Czech Republic. Our sister organisation ShineBean Kenya implements all our project into Kenya. We work together and we do all decission together too.
   We are responsible, fair and creative. We enjoy looking for new paths and ossibilities. We come from various walks of life and fields, which we try to put together in order to come up with innovative methods and approaches. We share an interest in helping people who find themselves in a difficult situation due to poverty.
   ShineBean is active in the Czech Republic where we focus mostly on development
education and global responsibility issues in Czech cities, villages and local action groups.
Since 2006, we have been active in Kenya where we run a number of projects that aim to improve economic self-sufficiency among local people and, in collaboration with local schools, we are also involved in school education. Our aim is to support innovative approaches to business and farming, promote traditional African crops, foster respect for their own culture, and to fight prejudice and stereotypes.

Since 2019, we have been operating without subsidies. Our income comes in part from individual donors, and in part from companies, one city and from the sale of Kenyan products. We have 1 employee in the Czech Republic and 1 employee in Kenya.

In 2019, our income was CZK 967,000 and our expenses reached CZK 1,037,000. 60% of our income went to our projects in Kenya.

In 2018, our income was CZK 1,490,000 and our expenses were 1,486,000. 35% of our income was used for projects in Kenya, while the remaining 65% went to our projects in the Czech Republic. We had 2 employees in the Czech Republic and 1 employee in Kenya.

History                                                                                              Contact

In 2006, our first trip to Kenya.

On December 18, 2007, we founded the civic organization ShineBean in Czech.

In 2008, we launched the projects Open School and Donate Opportunity.

In 2009, we launched the project Kiumbos.

In 2010, we founded our affiliate NGO, ShineBean Kenya.

In 2011, we launched the project Artworkshop.

On December 20, 2013, we transformed our organization into a public benefit corporation in Czech Republic.

In 2017, we launched the project School Training Farms, with the first one established in Ndere

In 2018, we added a training farm in the Barchando school.

In 2019, we established a school training farm in Lolwe.

ShineBean o.p.s. (CZ)


Osvobozeni 839, 412 01 Litomerice, CZ

The director: Renata Rokuskova

Phone: +420 775 208 460


ID: 22690000

IBAN:  CZ52 2700 0000 0021 0733 3074

ShineBean Kenya (KE)


P.O. Box  3582 - 40100, Kisumu, KE

The director: Paul Nehemiah Oduor

Phone: +254 722 446 634



Bank acount: Absa bank 2041266174