If you want to learn how to catch fish,                                go fishing with a fisherman

                                                                    (Kenyan proverb)

Direct Fair Trade with Farmers in Kenya                                  Our Accomplishments

     We appreciate the skills of Kenyan craftsmen and craftswomen. Products we buy and import to the Czech Republic are processed from locally sourced materials according to traditional African craft techniques. We always pay a fair price based on local standards.

   We have a long-term business relationship with selected manufacturing teams and collectives, trying to support and advance their businesses in other aspects as well. For example, we have helped to establish a community chicken farm in Tabaca and funded a financial sustainability training.

We work with the following craft collectives:

Self-help group “Single Mothers” from the Kibera slum – paper bead manufacture

Self-help group “Victorious” from the Kibera slum – bone jewelry manufacture

Self-help group “Smolart” from the village of Tabaka – talc decoration manufacture

and other stone carvers from the village of Tabaka – talc statue manufacture

Collaboration with 4 manufacturer teams

Work commissioned to approx. 30 craftsmen

Purchased over 35,000 products

Attended approx. 600 sales events

Proceeds used for other projects

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