We’re buying land for our training farm

For 4 years we have been teaching children to farm ecologically on school training farms. More than 150 children participated in practical and theoretical lessons. 25 of them have already built a garden at home. Children enjoy learning how to grow their own fruits and vegetables and there is great interest in this project in other schools as well. The coronavirus crisis has further shown the importance of producing food locally.

In order to better cover the growing interest, we need to build our own demo farm, where children from more schools could repetitively come and learn as well as adults. We will create our own tutorial videos here, which will be available online to anyone.

Hence it is crucial for our further work to acquire a suitable land. We’ve already found it. Right on Lake Victoria with high-quality soil and dozens of schools in the area. We want to buy it and build our own training farm here.

We need to get 360,000 CZK. Will you help us please? Every contribution counts! You can send your contributions to the account 2107333074/2700. Please write „land and your e-mail“ in the message. Thank you!


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