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Open School

Open School brings village children in Kenya closer to getting a better quality education.

We support specific children and their schools in various ways. We develop partnerships between Czech and Kenyan schools.

It is possible to support children in need with a onetime donation. They will receive a goat and uniform from us. By selling the baby goats they are then capable of paying their own tuition fees. There are also other forms of onetime support available. These forms of help are often related to children who have lost one or both of their parents, potentially children from families that cannot secure their children’s further education.

Another way to help is to financially support a certain child on a regular and long term basis. The money is used to finance the child’s education and to cover other costs, based on the agreement made with the sponsor. It is possible for more sponsors to support one child. Sponsors get photographs, information about the child and are informed of the child’s performance at school three times a year. Teachers who know the children’s situations are the ones who draw attention to who needs help. Our coordinators regularly visit the children and their families, and give reports on each child’s situation.

We equip Kenyan schools with textbooks, art and sports kits and other accessories. Some of the accessories are made by Czech children and students. Students from both countries are also interested in writing letters to friends in a faraway country. A very big part of the support we offer is made possible by Czech schools. We also help schools in Kenya by providing technical equipment. We have already managed to arrange the laying of concrete on a school floor, the building of a school bathroom, the installation of a water tank, the powering of a classroom with electricity and we have even installed solar panels.


Project Achievements as at 30. 6. 2018

We cooperate with 6 primary and secondary schools in Kenya on a long term basis.

We have provided two schools with libraries and we have given four school textbooks. We have provided six schools with teaching accessories, four schools with sports equipment, we have built a concrete floor and a bathroom in two school, we have provided three school with a water tank, one with doors and one school with a solar power station.

74 children received goats.

5 students received one time financial support.

20 children and students are supported in the long term.