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Artworkshop is based on the principles of fair trade

There are many skilful craftsmen in Kenya who often cannot reach markets where they could sell their products. That is why we purchase their hand crafted products and create selling opportunities for them on the Czech market. Part of the proceeds from each product sold is deposited in our social fund. We then use this fund to support a project that the community decides, on its own, to start up.

By purchasing our product, you will not only put a smile on your own face, but also on the face of a Kenyan craftsman. Plus, you will also help the children and the poorest people that we support as part of our other projects.


Project Achievements 

 As at 30. 6. 2018

We cooperate on a long term basis with 3 production groups in Kenya.

Through them, we give work to about 35 co-workers.

We have already bought more than 20 000 pieces of various products from them.

Thanks to the social fund we have supported the establishment of a chicken farm in Tabaka, 3 trainings for farmers