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Solar Innovations

Solar innovation means saving energy and protecting the forests in Kenya.


Because of the shortage of wood, women and children spend hours every day collecting it. This adds greatly to massive deforestation. Where there is no longer any wood, it must be bought at high prices, which make up a significant part of the expenses of poor families. This is why we are offering an alternative in the form of solar cookers. Families using solar cookers will save a lot of time and money. Villagers are very much interested in the cookers. They will be buying them for a affordable price. We will add further solar technologies to the range. The project will be managed in the form of a social company.


This project is in its development phase. We are looking for investors for this project. If you would like to find out more, please ask us.


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Project Achievements as at 30. 6. 2014

We have identified suitable products,

We conducted market research,

  We have prepared a business plan,

We seek a manufacturer, we established contact with them

We have established cooperation with lawyers and we founded the company in Kenya

We have established cooperation with experts on transportation, import and export in Kenya.