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School training farms

Even the poorest can have access to agricultural education, secure their own income and grow their own food.

            People living in Kenyan villages often have their own little field and want to farm it, but lack the necessary agricultural knowhow. We establish training farms at primary schools where students and their parents learn everything they need to know in order to grow their own food and transform their fields into economically productive farms.

            The training course consists of a number of seminars, video lectures and hands-on tutorials directly on the farm. We teach the fundamentals of plant and animal farming, as well as specializations in eg. vegetables, fruits, legumes, herbs, medicinal plants, trees…, poultry, fish, bees, goats…, storage and processing, marketing… All students participate in taking care of the school farm. Once they fulfil all the conditions and successfully put their acquired knowledge into practice, they can go on to specialize in various areas. Successful graduates take part in financing further years of agricultural education.  

            Schools get food to use for their cooking. Students get knowledge, seeds and planting stock. We support the development of micro-farming in many specific areas which gives rural families the chance to make a decent living. We enrich and raise the quality of local food production. We help the most successful farmers establish a cooperative which coordinates the marketing of their produce.


Project Achievements

As at 30. 6. 2018

We developed 2 school training farms.

More than 80 students work there with their teachers.

Even the parents are involved.

They plant vegetables, fruits, grains.

The crop is used in the school kitchens and in a market.