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Shirika - cooperating schools

Partnership Number 1

Primary School U Stadionu, Litoměřice

Primary School U Stadionu has been working with us for several years now. Together we have carried out many educational programmes. The school supports ShineBean’s activities very much. Since November 2013, the students are corresponding with students from the Barchando School. In spring 2014, the school organised a collection of school accessories for the Barchando School.


Barchando primary school, Bondo, Nyanza District, Kenya

We began cooperating with the Barchando School in November 2013 and working with them is wonderful. The Barchando School is one of the most successful schools in the area. As a welcome gift, we brought them presents from the U Stadionu school and sports equipment from the Plynárenská Primary School in Teplice. In May 2014, the school hosted a seminar for teachers and an educational programme called How We See Europe for the students.


Partnership Number 2

Primary School Na Valech, Litoměřice

The primary school Na Valech has been a fan of ours from the very beginning. We have done many good things together. A number of educational programmes took place at the school, the students had the opportunity to correspond with children in the Nyalunya School, and thanks to the proceeds from a number of fairs, the school had the chance to support several Kenyan students by buying them goats. In 2010, the school secured a very much needed library for the Nyalunya School and also sent the students a mountain of soft toys, which put a huge smile on their faces. At the present time, a toilet is being constructed for girls attending the Nyalunya School, once more thanks to the generous support of the Na Valech School.


Nyalunya Primary school, Nyakach, Nyanza District, Kenya

It has also been several years since we began our cooperation with the Nyalunya School. This school has been undergoing some very thorough developments when set against the bleak local circumstances. It wants to provide its students with continually better conditions. We were very much captivated by their project to plant trees on the school premises. We supported more than 10 students by giving them goats. In addition to the support given by the U Stadionu School, we have helped by providing sports equipment donated by fans of Teplice football club.


Partnership Number 3

 Cihelni Primary School, Karvina


Kawili Primary School, Nyakach, Nyanza District, Kenya

We have been working with Kawili Primary School since 2009. It is a small school in a very remote area, which nevertheless has very good management that intensely strives to develop the school. We have also provided the Kawili School with a library and a water tank to collect rainwater thanks to the support of several Czech schools and individual donors. The school uses painted wall boards given by the children of Bohušovice Primary School and Malostranska Secondary School. We have supported more than 20 children in this school, each of who have received a goat. We regularly support 6 children. In May 2014, the school hosted a seminar for teachers and an educational programme called How We See Europe for the students.

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