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Shirika develops partnerships between Czech and Kenyan schools.


The Shirika project is an extension of a similar project called La Ngonpo, which is being carried out by the Czech Multicultural Centre in Prague. It consists of putting into use modified educational material produced as part of this project. The project is aimed at 6-9th grade primary school teachers and students, as well as the younger students of 8 year secondary schools. Two Czech primary schools have entered the project, as well as one secondary school and three primary schools in Kenya.

The main pillars of the project are developing the expertise of teachers in global development education, giving students their own personal experience with global development education, and finally fostering equal development of partnerships between Czech and Kenyan schools. Partnerships that are enriching and beneficial to both sides. Working with MKC Prague, we plan seminars for teachers and then, by cooperating with local teachers, we educate students with the help of programmes that will help the students understand the differences and similarities between the lives their peers in other countries lead and their own. The main part of the programme is then how the partner schools interact on their own. They each teach according to the La Ngonpo methodology at the same time. The themes and activities from this bilingual manual can be used in different subjects. The students then have the chance to compare their findings, react to one another and communicate further.


Project Achievements as at 30. 6. 2014

 We have created 3 couples Czech and Kenyan schools.

We have trained all teachers involved.

We have started cooperation with depending on the methodology of La Ngonpo in all schools.

We organized three training programs in Kenya and 9 in the Czech Republic.

Partner schools in Kenya received material support from the Czech schools.