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Belinda Anyango

Belinda was born in 2001. She attends Ndira primary school and is one of the top students in the class. Belinda would like to be a journalist or maybe a doctor when she grows up. She enjoys her English and Swahili classes at school. Belinda lives with her grandmother, who takes care of 8 of her grandchildren. Her grandmother is over 70, she had 9 children, 7 of which have already died. Now it’s 8 of her grandchildren that she takes care of. They have a small farm and livestock that the grandmother takes care of once she sends the children off to school. Belinda is one of the oldest. Their clay house is simple, but built with good taste. It is located relatively close to the school, but very far away from the main road.


Brian Ochieng

Brian was born in 2000. He is a hard working student at Nyagoko primary school. He likes to play football and when he grows up, he would like to be a technical expert. Brian has lost both of his parents. He began to produce his own charcoal in order to have the money to pay his tuition fees. After his mother died, he moved in with his elder brother. However, that wasn’t a good solution. His brother did not support him going to school. Brian had longed to live even in a children’s home if that would mean that he could go to school. Thanks to his Czech sponsors, he was able to move to a new home where he now lives with his new guardian, Eunice Owuor, who is also taking care of another orphan. 


Eddy Steve Ochieng

Eddy was born in 2002 and attends the Nyabola School in a village called Nyakach. Eddy lives with his mother and 2 younger sisters. Some time ago, torrential rainfall damaged their house and they had to move, which affected Eddy’s performance at school. Today, they are back in their home and we hope that Eddy will get better again. When he finishes school, he would like to be a teacher. Eddy has a beautiful cat called Shaggy Lady.


Emily Anyango

Emily was born in 1997 and is in her last year at Kawili primary school in the village of Nyakach. She is a very good learner. Emily too lost both of her parents and lives with her grandmother. She likes to play football and runs a lot. She also enjoys reading the Bible and teaching the younger children its wisdom in their church.


Geoffrey Omondi Otieno and Emmanuel Ochieng Otieno

The boys are brothers. Geoffrey is the elder brother. He was born in 2003. Emmanuel was born two years later. In the course of their short lives, they had undergone much hardship. Their mother died when they were very little. First it was their grandmother who took care of them, and then when their father remarried, it was he who took the boys in. What brings great complications to the family is that both parents are gravely ill and the boys too had long term health problems. They lived in very poor conditions in a dangerous slum in Nairobi. But because they have no income, they could not even afford this type of housing. Gradually, the family moved to a village in the West of Kenya, where they own a classic clay house that has a small farm attached to it. The father has also managed to find a job. The boys have attended several schools already, which means that they have had to repeat grades. We heartily wish them stabilisation of their situation and for them to do well.


Charity Achieng Mala

Charity is a diligent student who attends a selective secondary school called Ngyia close to the city of Bondo. Her favourite subject is English and she hopes that one day she will be successful in becoming a lawyer. She likes to sing, dance and read books. Charity was born in 1998. She lives alone with her mother, who is also studying.


Charles Okoth Amolo

Charles is an 8th grade student at Barchando School and he is top of his class. He was born in 1999. His favourite subject at school is maths and the social sciences. In addition to that, he sings in the school choir, he likes to debate and read articles. Charles lives with his elder sister. He lives very close to the school is a very small and simple clay house. His sister has 5 little children. That is the reason why she cannot find a job at the moment. The situation is complicated further by her husband, who is an alcoholic. Charles is basically in a situation where he must do most of the work that needs to be done and often has to secure food for the whole family. They have no livestock and only a tiny plot of land. It is therefore very important to find a well thought out support plan for Charles.


Johnson Obonyo

Johnson was born in 1999. He’s already a big boy but because of life’s difficulties, he is in first grade at the Kawili primary school. He no longer has his parents. He lives with his aunt who takes care of 12 children. Johnson likes English and football.


Lucy Atieno Omolo

Lucy was born in 2003. She attends Kawili primary school. Her favourite subject is Swahili and she would like to be a teacher. She likes sports. Lucy lives with her mother and siblings. She recently lost her eldest sister. Her mother remarried, as is the tradition, to a relative. He however sold their modest possessions and left them again.


Marion Kadenya

Marion was born in 1999 and lost both of her parents before she was one month old. She grew up in her grandmother’s house in the BulBul slum close to Nairobi along with her elder sister and a cousin. After finishing primary school, she started secondary school, specifically the Mumias Academy, where she most enjoys English. Marion also likes to read and listens to music. She also likes to debate about her faith with her classmates. When she finishes secondary school, she would like to take a course in computing and become an accountant. While living at her halls of residence, the situation in her home had changed. Marion can no longer live with her grandmother or with her sister, who has married. Neither of the women have the chance to take care of Marion anymore. Marion therefore spends her holidays with friends, through whom we have met her.


Siprose Akoth

Siprose was born in 1999 and also attends Kawili primary school. At school she likes maths and outside of school she likes football, which she plays with great enthusiasm. Siprose lives with her mother, who has 10 children. Together they have a small farm and take care of livestock.


Spencer Ochieng

Spencer was born in 2001 and too attends Kawili primary school. He likes maths and all of the sciences. Like most boys, he likes to play football. He might become a teacher one day. Spencer lives with his grandmother, who takes care of 6 children. They have a small farm, cows and goats.


Stephanie Anyango

Stephanie was born in 2000 and is a student of the 8th grade in Ndira primary school. She is one of the best students in the class. She likes to sing, dance and read. At school she enjoys the languages. Stephanie is a partial orphan. She lives with her mother, relatively far away from the school. Their home is more an abandoned shop than a flat. They have practically no furnishing. They only keep several chickens. They used to live in a poor neighbourhood in Nairobi. After her husband died, Stephanie’s mother had a hard time providing a living for her 2 daughters. That is why she decided to return to the area she comes from. But even here they do not have adequate housing or a chance to make a living. They get some help from their relatives, but even that is not enough. Stephanie’s mother works as a hairdresser. But in their village they lack customers. The mother is ill and often needs the support of her daughters.


Velma Auma

Velma was born in 2000 and attends the 8th grade at Kawili primary school. She likes the social sciences. Velma would like to be a pilot. She also plays football. Velma is an orphan and lives with her aunt who in total has 10 children. She is also a farmer. Their farm shows signs of thorough management.

Personal story

Brayen Ochieng (2014)

| 09.12.2014
Brayen begged us to let him even live in a children’s home, just so that he could go to school.
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