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Victorious Group

Here are the stories of several members belonging to the group, Victorious, who work in the Kibera slum. All of the information below was acquired in 2013.

  Keneth Oduka, 37

Kenneth is married. He and his wife have two children (11 and 6 years old).

He is one of the founders of the successful work group. During his time there, he has learned to design ornaments made from bone. Thanks to the group, Kenneth is successful in securing the family’s needs. In addition to that, he also pays school tuition for his two brothers.


Kennedy Ochieng, 37

Kennedy lives with his family and brother in the Kibera slum. He has four children (16, 10, 7 and 2 years old)
He has been working in this work group since 2006. He teaches new craftsmen how to make hand crafted objects. He tries to find new young people who would be interested in working with the group, with the aim of providing for their family. Kennedy owns a barber shop in the slum and his wife sells vegetables. He is very happy to have ShineBean’s support.


Denis Orero, 35

Denis is one of the founders of the group. He has three children (6, 3 and 1 year old). The eldest child attends kindergarten. Denis began carving bone in 2002. He learned the skill from his father. He receives some money from the group that aims to support families. He is trying to expand the group in order to provide for more people in need who live in the slum and also in order for them to be able to purchase new machines for production.


Joshua Ododa, 42

Joshua has four children, all of who attend primary school. His wife works as a secretary. Joshua has been making a living since 2002 by making beads out of bone. Thanks to his work in the group, he has realised that it is very difficult to break through on the market on his own. He has learned to make new products during his time with the group and found that it is easier to work as a team. He would like to open up his own workshop in the future thanks to the experience he has gained while working with the group.  


Nelson Ochieng, 35
Nelson has one seven year old child. He lives with his family in a village that they managed to move to from the slum thanks to his earnings. His wife works in a hairdressing salon. They managed to establish the work group thanks to a charity contribution from members and a small contribution from the government. He was able to support his wife and take her to Beauty College thanks to the group. With the help of his earnings at work, he would like to improve the standard of living of his whole family.


Dan Arunga, 38

Dan has four children and his family live in a village. Dan’s wife sells second hand clothes. Dan moved to Nairobi because life in a village is very difficult. He is one of the founders of the group. With some training, they managed to learn to carve jewellery from bone. He hopes that they will be successful in opening a sales gallery.


Jack Odungo, 30

I am 30 years old. I used to be a child of the streets. Today, I have two children aged 4 and 2. My wife helps me with the colouring of beads. I am also a musician and I sell my music over the internet.

I came up with the idea of establishing a group that would help its members make a living. The group, Victorious, that exists today has changed the lives of a whole number of young people from the Kibera slum towards the better. They became involved in the production of bone jewellery, which has enabled them to provide for their families. I hope we will be successful in training more young people and by so doing strengthen our influence on society. We would like to expand our production so that we can employ more people. Sometimes we face a shortage of orders and keeping the group as it is becomes difficult. That is why I am very glad that we cooperate with ShineBean and I am grateful for their support. We are now in need of a move to a better location. However, acquiring new land is not possible for us at the present time. But we will do everything in our power to solve the problem.