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Personal story

Daniel Gowi (2010)

Daniel Gowi (2010)

I had many doubts when we first started the Kiumbe project. Neither I nor the craftsmen that we worked with believed that such a strange thing could ever become successful. But our partners in the Czech Republic made sure the plan would succeed. My views started to change. But I still had no idea how the whole game and story that are connected with the Kiumbe figures were going to look and work until I saw it all with my own eyes. Initially none of us had any faith in the new project. It was a project that did not correspond with our original notion of what it should look like. But within a short while, the Kiumbe project brought along with it a bettering of the standards of living of a whole number of people who were involved.

This experience as well as my other work in ShineBean have taught me to use my imagination and see opportunities where other people fail to see them. That’s what ShineBean does in Kenya and I learn a lot thanks to my cooperation with ShineBean.