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Who's peeking over fence?

The training farm at Barchando school is still in its infancy but it's already expanding rapidly.  We're building fences and planting tomatoes in new spaces. The school has been farming out in the fields of corn which is used in the school kitchen.  The parents are thrilled that this means that most of the children can have lunch at school.  The water tank we donated is already installed.  There are two teachers working at the farm, and probably 40 young volunteers.
   During our visit, the teachers noticed that someone is peeking over the fence of the growing farm.  It was a dad --- a farmer --- who came to see what is happening. He was accompanied by the chairman of a "parent union".  When we explained what we are trying to accomplish, his reaction was immediate.  "I like what you are doing. I am ready to help you with whatever you need."  Yes, parents' help will be crucial.