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Public collection for children

School Barchando decided to hold a fundraiser that would ensure future food for those who can not afford it. Many children go for the lunch break at home, where they have everything prepared by their mother. Some kids have it too far and wear the meal in a school bag. But there are still children who just look how other lunch because their snacks and lunches family doesn´t have.

The school will organize a "Fundraising Day”, which take place on 3rd April, at school compound. Among the invited are all good-hearted residents, parents and friends of the school. The program starts with some student´s songs and prayers followed by public collection.

The school calls on anyone, so we decided to inform you of its action and challange to engage in the collection. If you decide to help these poor children, send any donation to our account 98309830/0300. Please, don´t forget attributed to the account password "Barchando". We will notify you how the collection grows and how the resources are used.