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New toilets for Nyalunya Primary school

 There is an international day for sanitary. We have been reminded this week, Hence am pleased that in these day I bring good news from Nyalunya primary school. It began several years ago when we began to work with a Primary school known as Na Valech in Litomerice in Czech Republic. Teachers and pupils from this school have repeatedly supported Nyalunya school and decided to do so again this year.

Therefore in May we visited the school management so that we could discuss how best we can use the financial aid from Na Valech school and from enterprise Jansen Display I was pleased when the director took out a five-year development plan of the school and also the list of those who are will to support the project. When we visited Nyalunya School, there were some development projects which were in progress like the construction of new classrooms and planting of trees. Since they had inadequate toilets to serve the 270 pupils in the school and the teaching stuff, they requested if we can assist them in constructing new toilets to serve the girls.

Thank you teachers and pupils of Na Valech school and Jansen Display enterprise for improving the poor sanitary condition for the girls of Nyalunya school which is a very crucial thing.