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Who we are

ShineBean is a group of people who want to support the development of communities that are threatened by poverty.


ShineBean’s activities consist of developmental cooperation and of the elimination of poverty in Kenya. We are responsible, fair, flexible and creative. We enjoy looking for new ways of doing things and examining new opportunities. We come from different areas and work in different fields of expertise. What connects us is our common interest in helping those who find themselves in difficult situations as a result of poverty. ShineBean Kenya was registered in December 2009.


Chairperson: Paul Nehemiah Oduor

Secretary: Eva Krutilkova

Treasurer: Denis



We cooperate closely with our partner organisation, ShineBean in the Czech Republic.

Personal story

Daniel Gowi (2010)

| 09.12.2014
This experience as well as my other work in ShineBean have taught me to use my imagination and see opportunities where other people fail to see them.
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