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Ethical Codex

Treat people the way you want them to treat you


Fundamental values


  1. We wish others the same good that we strive to achieve for ourselves.
  2. Respect and application of basic human values (justice, truth, love, humility, forgiveness, tolerance, freedom, responsibility, righteousness...) are a question of our personal honour.
  3. We accept responsibility for our actions and their effects from a global perspective.
  4. We respect the effective laws and regulations in the countries we work in.
  5. We do not in any way engage in activities that can be considered as corruptive.
  6. We are responsible towards those who we aim to help, as well as those who support us.
  7. The basic criteria for the division of help are the level of need and the level of personal activity shown by the recipients. We maintain neutrality and an equal approach.
  8. We do not accept financial donations, or other gifts, from physical or legal persons who we know behave in disagreement with moral values, who violate effective laws or who undertake activities that are in disagreement with the ethical codex of ShineBean.
  9. We eschew manipulation, aggression, violence and abuse in any of their forms.
  10. We are an apolitical organisation. We are an open group.


Work Relations


  1. We fully accept the equality of all people and the right of each co-worker to practice their religious and political freedom.
  2. We demand of all our co-workers personal initiative, activity and responsibility.
  3. We behave honourably, with frankness and trustworthiness. When working, we behave in accordance with the goals and intentions of ShineBean.
  4. We are always open to the opinions of others and perceptive to their needs. We are willing to search for optimal solutions and solve conflicts together.
  5. We look after the tangible and intangible assets that we have been entrusted with with care, and we will not allow them to be abused for the purposes of personal interest or other purposes.


Practical Use of the Ethical Codex


  1. Behaviour in accordance with the ethical codex of ShineBean is binding for all of ShineBean’s co-workers.
  2. A violation of the ethical codex may lead to initiation of disciplinary procedures, termination of cooperation or other necessary measures.

The Board of Directors of ShineBean is responsible for supervising the observation of this codex and for commencing inquiry into potential violations of the codex. 

Personal story

Visiting Ms. Miriam (2012)

| 09.12.2014
A normal village close to the border with Uganda. We arrived in a courtyard, where you could see several clay houses standing in a row, exactly according to tradition.
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