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What we do

Changing passive self-centredness to active responsibility



1. To inspire a change in thinking in the area of developmental cooperation and in the active assuming of personal responsibility toward the human community, all with the constructive use of one’s own possibilities.

2. To nurture cooperation focussed on eliminating poverty and its implications from a global perspective.

3. To support education directed at children and adults threatened by poverty.

4. To support self-sufficiency, long term sustainability of economic development and provide help in the initiation of entrepreneurial activity.



We support education as well as social and economic development in poor communities in Kenya. We are focussed primarily on lowering poverty by raising public awareness, by supporting education, by supporting social and economic development and by using innovative technology.

Personal story

Renata Rokůsková (2008)

| 09.12.2014
I have a privilege to do a job which I enjoy. That idea has appeared very long time ago.
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